The Jean Monnet project on Development and Harmonisation of Socially Responsible Investment in European Union aims  to promote research, discussion and dissemination of information on the issue of the development of Socially-Responsible-Investments (SRI) related activities and rules at European level through Cross-fertilisation and the spread of content activity.

The aim of the project is three-fold

  • To foster knowledge and disseminate information on the advantages of SRI to institutional investors (private returns) to civil society (externalities in terms of inclusive growth and “good finance”: investments in infrastructures, social housing, green-investments), financial markets (lower volatility)
  • To promote research and discussion on the issues concerning the harmonization of regulatory rules and bodies of SRI funds at European level, by fostering the dialogue between academic world, institutional investors and policy makers on the issue of harmonization of regulation of SRI funds in EU.
  • Foster the engagement of members of the hosting institution and support young researchers in research on European subjects.


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