Luca Spataro


Academic coordinator

Luca Spataro is full Professor in Public Economics at University of Pisa.

Expert on savings and pensions, optimal taxation of capital and labour income, debt management and welfare economics.

Published works on OECD pension funds and currently working on the issue of financial literacy, human capital and saving behaviour at the EU level (using SHARE database).

Appointed by the Ministry of Welfare and Labor as an independent expert to participate at the inter-governative Peer Review in Warsaw on “Age friendly services and products – an opportunity for social and economic development”, October, Warsaw, Poland, year 2012.

He has been teaching at undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. level, acted as PhD supervisor and as is currently International Coordinator of the Department of Economics and Management

He is the leader of the Jean Monnet project.

Elisa Giuliani

elisa-picElisa Giuliani  is  full Professor at the University of Pisa.

She is currently working on the impact of Multinational Corporation (MNCs) from emerging countries on host countries, particularly Europe. She has recently completed an international 3-year project – funded by Volkswagen Foundation and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond – on the impact of Emerging Economy MNCs technology-driven investments in Europe.

Her primary focus is on the role of inter-organization networks in the promotion of the processes of knowledge diffusion, innovation and economic development in developing country industrial clusters. Additionally, she has recently started working on the corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility of international business, and on the human rights repercussions of the business sector in general. I have been part of the Cumberland Colloquium on Measuring the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights.

She has consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the UN Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on industrial development-related issues.

Gabriella Iermano


Gabriella is an Associate professor of Business and Company Law at the Law Department of the University of Pisa.

She has been teaching Company Law and Listed Companies Law, Business Law, European Economic Law at the Economics Department of the University of Pisa (graduates and undergraduates).

Her research interest deals with Company and Business Law, Contract Law, Financial markets and Investment Law, focusing on the harmonisation process of the legislations at EU level.

In particular, she has been analysing the effects of the invalidity declaration of general meetings decisions, mergers, conversions, and shares issue.

In a second line of her research, she has been investigating the financial market regulation, focusing on the settlement and clearing systems.


Viola Heutger

heutger-violaViola is a Senior Research Fellow, University of Lucerne, Center for Logistics and Transport Law KOLT.

Expert on credit agreements, contract law, maritime sea law and investment law.

Published works and commentaries on sales and credit law. Currently working on transnational commercial standard contracts.

Earlier appointed by the Centre on International Legal Cooperation, The Hague, as advisor to the Polish Civil Law Commission. Former dean of the Law Faculty of the University of the Netherlands Antilles. Former Board member of the Antillean and Arubian Arbitration Institute.

Advisor to the consumer protection department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Paramaribo, Suriname. Advisor to the Civil Law Codification Commission in Curacao. Longstanding international experience in the Caribbean, The Netherlands, Eastern European Countries and Turkey.

Member of the editing board of the peer reviewed Hungarian Pazmany Law Journal.

She is teaching at undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. level.

Experienced as team manager of international working groups. Involved in the drafting of the Common European Frame of Reference of Contract Law.

Sebastian Mock

bewerbungsphotoSebastian is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hamburg.

He teaches Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, Commercial and Bankruptcy Law.

After studying at the Universities of Jena and Hamburg (both in Germany), Montpellier (France), and the New York University School of Law, Sebastian obtained a PhD in Law from the University of Hamburg in 2007 and finished his Habilitation in 2012.

In addition to teaching in Germany Sebastian has also taught corporate and bankruptcy law in China, Russia, and Italy.

His books and articles have been published in the United States and Europe and his main areas of research are company law, capital market law and bankruptcy law with their European and international aspects.

Maria Cristina Quirici

Maria Cristina is an Assistant Professor, University of Pisa    

She is expert on evolution of regulation and functionality of intermediaries operating in financial markets, especially securities markets, with a special focus on the impact in the regulatory contest of the European directive and rules.

She has recently started working on the development of Socially Responsible Investment in EU countries, having a particular focus on institutional investor’s strategies of investment, in order to compare results of the traditional financial Funds with the “ethical Funds” ones.

Having contact with “University Meets Microfinance” (UMM)- a European network of different European Universities in order to study problems and opportunities offered by the diffusion of microfinance and, in general, of socially responsible financial methods in Europe and all over the world to provide better answers to the actual numerous economic problems. Author of numerous publication in the field of banking and securities markets regulation. She will contribute to the Jean Monnet project.

Ashok Thomas

s200_ashok-thomasAshok is a Research Assistant, University of Pisa

Currently holder of 1 year research fellowship at the Dipartimento di Economia e Management of Pisa; Works on Pension funds, Financial Markets, Financial literacy, and Human capital accumulation.

Published works on pension funds and currently associated with Prof Luca Spataro on the issue of financial literacy, human capital and participation to capital markets at EU level.

Appointed a research consultant for preparing two working papers for Mefop, Rome on “Pension funds and market efficiency”

He has been a teaching assistant for Master Program at University of Pisa. He will be the associate to the project coordinators.