The project will last two years and consists in 7 seminars, 1 workshop and 1 conference.

First year

Three seminars and 1 workshop.

The invited speakers will address a gathering of different target groups which are potentially identified by the project coordinators.  A detailed transcript will be prepared and the discussions carefully noticed for future seminars and references.

Workshop will be held at the hosting institution and will last for 2 days. The workshop invites academic and non-academic personnel from the EU, policy makers from national and EU level to present papers. The workshop will also host 1 plenary session where a distinguished researcher will deliver a lecture. A roundtable with academicians, SRI-funds’ managers and policymakers will be organized as well.

Second year

Four seminars and 1 conference in the second year.

The seminar series will continue in the second year.  The topics of the seminar to be held will be heavily drawn based on the debates and discussion received in the first 12 months of the project life.

A plenary session will be hosted where a debate on a specific issue will be initiated.



Dissemination of the project would be taken at different levels and at different timings.

a)The interactive website


c)The selected papers and the plenary speeches will be printed and published in a workshop/conference volume

d)Dissemination activity will include using social networking platforms like facebook, twitter as a means to attract wider public

Evaluation after the end of the project

A full report of the project, its effectiveness and the policy suggestions will be will be made public. A full report will trace the trajectory of the project, impact, partnerships attained, recommendations and comments from the hosting institution.